Countdown to Expo Episode 3: Reupholstering the Interior

By |2019-07-14T09:17:45-07:00May 8th, 2019|Meta|

With the exterior nearly wrapped up, we switch focus to the interior - starting with the custom reupholstering. We decided to go with Jaguar Red Ambla Leather, a vinyl alternative that mimics a leather pattern but is far more resistant to spills, scratches, etc. that will be seen during use. [...]

How Do I Get Sponsored?

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Part of Outworld's mission is providing a knowledge base, and with that comes many, many questions. What tires are you running? What size? How much lift? And for the most part, they're very easy to answer. But there's one question we see - often asked but rarely explained in useful [...]

The Great Land Use Debate

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The off-road and overland crowd is almost comedically diverse. I’ve had great times on the trail with the staunchest conservatives and the most liberal of liberals.  These two groups are usually at each other’s throats online, but on the trail, they’re entwined by a sliver of mutuality. There are very [...]