It’s been 3 months since we launched Outworld Overland. Our goal is simple: build, explore, and capture. I hoped to launch this blog at the beginning, but we started out with a laundry list of mods in the queue. With a nice lull in the madness, it’s a great time to unveil our plans.

The bulk of our efforts are broken up into these five categories:

Community spotlightHighlighting our friends in the community and their exceptional vehicles

Tips from the TrailGood advice, both passed down and hard learned, to help when you’re out

Trip ReportsMapping and recapping the latest adventure

Product TestingActive, real-world use of the products we rely on week in and week out

Build ProgressDocumenting as we build the Toyota and Lexus expedition rigs

Expect lots of content as we roll out to get you up to speed. We have some really exciting stuff planned and we sincerely hope you enjoy riding shotgun with us.



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